Prenatal Visit

Grow with us.

Congratulations and welcome to the incredible journey of parenthood! As you prepare for the arrival of your baby, we invite you to contact us for a free prenatal visit in order to learn more about our practice philosophies and policies. We consider it an honor every time new parents choose us for their medical home and join our village.

At Castle Pines Pediatrics, we give special attention to mothers and infants to make sure they both have a healthy, happy start. We believe well-supported mothers become confident mothers who develop healthy bonds with their babies. Our pediatricians have additional expertise in breastfeeding medicine and can serve as your lactation consultants. We also offer curated relationships with other postpartum care specialists for an easy referral process.

When to schedule a prenatal visit

We recommend a prenatal visit 4-6 weeks before your baby’s due date. We’re happy to meet families in person at our office or via video chat.

What to expect at a prenatal visit

When you schedule your prenatal visits, you can choose between a private in-clinic visit or a private Google Meet virtual visit. Your prenatal visit is a time for you to ask any questions related to how you and your baby will receive medical care at our practice.

We’ll also cover some basics like:

  • How to register as a patient at Castle Pine Pediatrics should you decide we are a good fit
  • How to schedule your first appointment after leaving the hospital
  • Preferred providers we partner with to ensure quick post-delivery care for both mother and baby
  • Opportunities to connect with other new parents

Frequently asked questions

We encourage families to pre-register via our patient portal prior to delivery. However, we recognize little ones sometimes have their own agendas. Don’t worry! Simply call the office or visit our website to initiate a new patient registration whenever you’re ready.

Castle Pines Pediatrics contracts with most major insurance companies in the Denver metro area. Lactation appointments are scheduled for both the mother and the infant, and your insurance company is billed separately for each of these visits. Each patient is responsible for any copays or deductibles. Please contact your insurance company for the benefits and coverage information that is specific to your plan.

We believe in-hospital care is best provided by the pediatric hospitalists who staff our area hospitals 24-7 to care specifically for newborns prior to their discharge home. However, don’t forget to refer to resources in your “Grow With Us” guide to help you get off to a great start! Your job during the first few days after delivery is simply to feed and love your baby. Once everyone leaves the hospital safely, we will help you take it from there. Please indicate on your hospital paperwork that you have selected Castle Pines Pediatrics as your baby’s pediatrician so the hospital can send discharge paperwork to our clinic.

No. Circumcisions should be performed by your pediatric hospitalist or OB/GYN team before your baby leaves the hospital.

On the day you are scheduled to leave the hospital, please call our office to schedule your first visit. Newborns should typically be seen 1-2 days after hospital discharge.

You can write to us directly via our secure, HIPAA compliant, patient portal, or call the office for further instructions on how to connect with us.

Please bring any hospital discharge paperwork, the newborn screening card, any breastfeeding supplies you are using or would like to get help with, and any and all questions–we know you might have lots and that’s a good thing!

No worries! We have back-up systems in place to make sure our office will always have the information and materials necessary for a great start.

Our clinic is set up to check your baby’s bilirubin levels if follow up for jaundice is needed. We can also easily arrange for home phototherapy treatment if necessary.

Please call our office to request a sick visit appointment. In order to guarantee physical distancing and a safe clinic environment for our families, we do not accept walk-ins. However, we make every effort to accommodate requests for same-day appointments.

We can’t wait to grow with you! Secure communication with your doctor is available via the patient portal, with response times generally within two business days. You can always call the office phone number 24 hours a day for additional care options.

Schedule a prenatal visit

Please complete our form or feel free to call our office during normal business hours at (720) 779-1991

Families that decide to register with Castle Pines Pediatrics will receive our “Grow With Us” guide. It’s filled with helpful information and resources for both parents and baby including:

  • Discounts for breastfeeding education
  • Helpful links to trusted sources on lactation support and materials
  • Maternal postpartum care and support
  • Parenting resources
  • Infant growth and child development resources, including sleep training.
  • Registration information for our monthly webinar series hosted by local experts especially for parents of Castle Pines Pediatrics
  • Keepsake pages to track your little one’s growth at each well visit

Finding your way as a parent

Our blog combines our medical expertise with our personal experience as moms to help others on their parenting journey.

We are still offering family flu vaccines!

COVID Vaccine FAQ’s

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is coming to Castle Pines Pediatrics!

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